Saddam's Application

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Saddam's Application

Post by saddam on Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:05 pm

What are some strengths you could bring to the Olympus: Im So Helpful And Lovely Between Some Players , Im Active And half of the server are my friends

How would you be able to make this server more popular:by showing to the players that staff are online 24/7 and they are there for you + i can make videos , trailes and make it more popular

Do you have any past rsps history as a staff member?:owner , coder (good coder) , mod (still mod in a game )

What expirience do you playing rsps in general?: well i actullay played 3 years of runescape private server .. i almost know every source , matrix styles and java compiling thing's

List 5 reason why YOU think you deserve to be a Staff Member:
Helped The Owner With Some Of His Works
Respected By The Players (well most of them)

If you ever found someone who was breaking the would you handle it? well first thing , ill talk to him nicely and i should know why he did it .. if it was a big rule broken he should be punished

I NAME HERE promise to be active in my community, make sure i can have fun within Olympus, make sure all are treated equally, and to respect my fellow players and staff members. 100%



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