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scythedonut's Mod Application

Post by scythedonut on Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:23 am

What are some strengths you could bring to the Olympus:
I bring various strengths to Olympus.  First off, I've had quite a bit of experience with past servers, and I know how to get the community in order and make sure everyone is having the best time possible.
How would you be able to make this server more popular:

I livestream the game whenever I get the chance. I also vote like I should each day.  I'll always shout a message to everyone to vote whenever I get on, as well as make sure the server is running smoothly so that new players feel welcome.

Do you have any past rsps history as a staff member?:

Yes I do.  With a server known as Unix back in 2012.  The server is gone now due to complications, but it ran very effectively.

What expirience do you playing rsps in general?:
I know what aspects of a rsps most people like, and I'm also knowledgable on how items work in the type of rsps that Olympus is.

List 5 reason why YOU think you deserve to be a Staff Member:
-Well known throughout most of the community.
-Very active due to summer vacation now. (Still active if this game is up during school)
-Strong knowledge on various items and how things work throughout most of the server due to my long personal experience with Olympus
-Always available for help with questions that people need answered whenever I'm online.
-Never disrespectful and listen to everyone's ideas and topics.

If you ever found someone who was breaking the would you handle it?
I would ask first on why they did it and discipline them based on how serious the offense was.  If it were swearing constantly, I would give a temporary mute until they can prove they've changed their ways.  If it were duping consistantly, I would lock the account for further investigation by the rsps owner Cooley.

I scythedonut promise to be active in my community, make sure i can have fun within Olympus, make sure all are treated equally, and to respect my fellow players and staff members.


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