Beezy's Mod Application

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Beezy's Mod Application

Post by Beezy on Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:47 am

What are some strengths you could bring to the Olympus:
 Well, I am always on so if I were to get this spot I could keep the server in tact. I am always willing to help people if they need it. I can help give this server a good reputation. Also, if there are any bugs (which I am good at finding) I could tell you and help out with that.

How would you be able to make this server more popular:
I can advertise on other private server websites and in-game, possibly on the forums.

Do you have any past rsps history as a staff member?:
Yes, I have been a mod on 2 rsps and a Co-owner for my friend that used to host. The private servers weren't that big but this is a good server and I am hoping this server can grow and I can experience that.

What experience do you playing rsps in general?:
I have played RSPS since I was 14, the first 2 I played were Deltascape and Battlescape. I have always been one of those people that is always on trying to learn as much about the server so I can help out.

List 5 reason why YOU think you deserve to be a Staff Member:
1. I am always on to help people out. (7+ hours a day)
2. I'm very respectful and never break the rules.
3. I've enjoyed playing with this server the last 3 days and I think becoming a mod would make my experience better.
4. I wouldn't ever do something that would ruin the server or something you wouldn't want me to do.
5. I'm pretty experience when it comes to private servers compared to other people.

If you ever found someone who was breaking the would you handle it?
I would report it to you before taking any further actions, unless you have a jailing policy or anything else in that matter.

Beezy promise to be active in my community, make sure i can have fun within Olympus, make sure all are treated equally, and to respect my fellow players and staff members.


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