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Post by GregMerritt on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:35 pm

What are some strengths you could bring to the Olympus:

How would you be able to make this server more popular:

Do you have any past rsps history as a staff member?:

What experience do you playing rsps in general?:Ive been playing the original runescape for about 7 years now on and off, but rsps for about 3 years. I've been mod on 5 servers admin on 2 and co-owner on 1. I love playing low populated servers and just watching them grow and the community developing.

List 5 reason why YOU think you deserve to be a Staff Member:I've been playing for about 1-2 weeks now, I get the server mostly and if anything i'd have a few minor questions. I love helping people and don't have a problem breaking up fights over ::yell. I feel as if I could take some of the stress off of your (cooleys) back by answering some of the players questions and helping. I have a wide play time so I can be on helping while other staff are not which i believe would help a good amount.

If you ever found someone who was breaking the would you handle it? I would confront them the first time I saw it, give them a warning; however if I saw them breaking the rules a second time have to jail the player or mute them depending on the rule broken. I believe one warning should be given before any harsh actions are taken.

Greg/Maximiustus promise to be active in my community, make sure i can have fun within Olympus, make sure all are treated equally, and to respect my fellow players and staff members.

I hope you accept my application for mod, I'm a dedicated player and will help players as much as i can(:


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