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Post by Ms Misty on Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:00 pm

Hello my name is Misty, I live in New Zealand and i am 15 years of age.
I started playing runescape in 2009 and rsps's in 2010.
I am currently Co-owner of brutaliation, and admin of a up coming server.
I use to be a 3d Custom item maker for galaxyxscape.
I use to be a Moderator for united-Pkz.

I have had a lot of history of being a moderator on a rsps.
My key value is to help everyone in need, and i will not give out to beggers.

I am sorta alright in finding bugs, glitches ect.

Im Always happy, and i have a weird sence of humor. Plus a obsession with Yogurt.

Thank you for reading my mod app

~ Misty Cool
Ms Misty

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