sugestions for new bosses

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sugestions for new bosses

Post by danny19 on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:56 pm

- chaos ele <best drop : seercull bow> and some other stuff. located at lvl 52 wildy

- avatar of creation/destruction <best drop : godly bows> idk a location yet.

Name:Troll General
Drops:Onyx amulet, Armadyl godsword, granite maul, granite armour, barrows/dragon gloves, Robin Hood hat, ranger boots, dragon boots,
Location:Slayer tower III floor

Drops:25 red spider eggs(100%), Zamorak godsword, dragon armour, dragon boots, dragon weapons, barrows/dragon gloves, Onyx amulet, Robin Hood hat, ranger boots, Partyhat(Not sure nowadays.),
Location:lvl 30 wilderness, west of castle

- corporal beast < drops all kinds of spirit shields> location : just put him somewhere where it is multi + make a teleport for it.

-tormented demons < drops d claws and dragon (or) parts> location : just like corporal beast put him somewhere in multi + a teleport.

Third age avatars
Theres 3 type of them:magic,strength(melee),range.
Prayer protect helps, but doesn't protect you fully!

Avatars are very hard to kill without protection.They could hit up to 50 through prayer.

Magic: mystic robes, 3rd age mage armour
Melee: Rune armour, 3rd age melee armour
Range: black dragonhide armour, 3rd age range armour
Dagganoth dungeon far east in tunnels.
Northern tunnel magic, center one melee and southern range.

made by : danny.S

if you got a sugestion pm me ingame or reply to this topic

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Re: sugestions for new bosses

Post by bito on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:41 am

it seems a hard thing to do but it seems a nice idea, support

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