Adolfclitlers Staff Application

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Adolfclitlers Staff Application

Post by adolfclitler on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:06 pm

Username: Adolfclitler

Position Applying For: Coder

Age: 20

Time Zone: West Coast, US

Experience: Have been a coder on tons of servers have been coding for about 4-6 years now. I have experience on 317's (PI) And Delta going all the way up to 600+ Revisions.

{Why: Staff usually ask me: "if you are a good coder why are you looking for a spot on another server? Why not just make your own server?"

Answer: Boredom! It can be the most boring thing in the world to code by yourself. I am looking to make friends and to teach or maybe even be taught new things. And Cooley you seem super chill and would love to work with you, I like what you have done so far with the server and would like to help you improve this server }

If you have any questions just Pm me in game or add me on skype.

Skype: Loot.share cyclops


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