Updates (part 2) 7/5

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Updates (part 2) 7/5

Post by Cooley on Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:22 pm

Hey guys I had a lot of time today so I added some more stuff for ya!

- New boss! "wiseman" get there by typing the ::wiseman command. He looks and is dressed like a normal player but is much more powerful. He drops everything he is wearing for 1:60 drop rate.

- Added a new weapon called balmung. It hits like a dh axe but is much more powerful. You can find it in the slayer shop for 800 slayer points. Just like the slayer helm it has hidden bonuses towards slayer tasks. If you wear both a slayer helm and balmung(with decent gear of course) you can hit up to 92!

- Added morrigan's throwing axes. They now work 100% for those who asked me about them.

- Frost dragons now give a random 1-5 frost points per kill to use in the frost shop!

- I moved the special attack button for summoning to the actual special bar. The call familiar button now also works 100%

- I made it so you can now bring your summoning monsters into corp with you.

- I also weakened godwars bosses as some of them were way to powerful

- Worldwide doors now work

Hope you all enjoyed these updates!
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Re: Updates (part 2) 7/5

Post by bito on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:22 am

Really amazing updates, u have great ideas i can't wait to try the new bosses Smile

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