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Str very lows suggestions

Post by str very low on Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:53 pm

Make anti fire potions work

Make summoning special button tell how much long until you may use again, rather than saying, you must wait at least 4 mins, and maybe reduce it to 3 or 2 mins, 4 seems too long.

Make something a little bit more original drop korasi than frost dragons, just seems cheesy to me.

Make competitionist cape cape require more than 1000 kills, just seems too low, make it something you really have to strive to get, and not something you can get if you camp crawling hands or something low for awhile.

I've already asked about this but maybe you forgot, adding 1 spin for completing elite tasks.

Another thing I thought would be cool, sword like the sir owens longsword on soulsplit, that hits as fast as range knives, maybe make it require 200m in all melee stats to get, so it's really challenging to get.

Make it so if you get elite task and you don't like it and ask for an easier task, make it so it gives tasks that a 125 would get, like abby demons, nechs, etc. Sucks getting giant bat tasks or al kharid warriors if I don't want to kill 25 general graardors.

Teleblock wearing off as soon as you are out of the wilderness.

Make bork hit 2 different kinds of attacks, not just melee, seems way to easy for what it actually drops. That way every player on the server isnt running around with full sets of pk armour like its nothing.

Fix the wilderness glitching up 15 levels right after you get passed level 5. Really annoying too be utterly honest.

Until you can really fix the wielding drop glitch, you need to re enable dropping and it not dissapearing. So that we atleast have a chance to pick whatever is dropped back up.

This is it for now, anybody feel free to add or tell me what you think of my list.
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