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Post by Cooley on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:17 pm

In order to successfully be considered for a staff position you must follow this format below:

Things that will help you with you application:

  • Well respected
  • Helpful ingame
  • Well known
  • Many supporters
  • Active on forums.

Things that will auto-decline your application:

  • Advertising your application
  • Spamming the forums to get your posts
  • Posting a Quitting thread
  • Been jailed, banned, muted before

What are some strengths you could bring to the Olympus:

How would you be able to make this server more popular:

Do you have any past rsps history as a staff member?:

What expirience do you playing rsps in general?:

List 5 reason why YOU think you deserve to be a Staff Member:

If you ever found someone who was breaking the would you handle it?

I NAME HERE promise to be active in my community, make sure i can have fun within Olympus, make sure all are treated equally, and to respect my fellow players and staff members.


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